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CCE is not Rocket Science!

By Boston Climate Action Network

At a hearing on May 30, Boston City Councilors, energy experts, and community members all pressed Alison Brizius, Boston’s Director of Climate and Environmental Planning, for answers she often could not supply. Asked by Councilor Matt O’Malley to project a timeline for implementation of Community Choice Energy (CCE) – the climate mitigation measure passed unanimously by the City Council and signed by the Mayor seven months ago – Brizius indicated that her department, Environment, Energy, and Open Space (EEOS), was still studying its options...

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Healy Community Garden on-site plan review this week
Join Parks Department staff and the Friends of the Healy Community Garden to review plans for the new community garden! Please share the attached flyers (English and Spanish) with all who might be interested.
When: Thursday, June 28, 6 pm
Where: outside the Flaherty pool building at the Healy playground, 160 Florence Street
More Info: Contact Liza Meyer, Boston Parks and Recreation Department, (617) 961-3014 or

Join The Memory Tree Project and care for a street tree in memory of a loved one. You’ll be honoring a loved one, helping to reduce Roslindale’s carbon footprint, and beautifying the neighborhood! Sign up here if you'd like to be part of this project.

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