Take these actions to help make Roslindale a greener, more sustainable and more cohesive community. Suggests an action here.

  • Energy: Take some practical steps to save energy. Use Michael Blasnik's talk: “Home Energy Savings Myths and Facts” as your guide. Slide 15 is a particularly useful list of things you can do to save energy including estimated dollar savings per year.
  • Healthy Homes: Take charge of the chemicals in your home -- learn what's in your cleaning products, which brands are the most environmentally friendly, and how to make your own cleaning products
  • Solar: Got a good roof for solar panels? Make your own clean, renewable electricity, and help make Roslindale a greener community!
  • Transportation:  Request that Boston place Hubway bicycle renting stations at the Forest Hills T stop and in Roslindale Square (and other locations in Roslindale). Suggest as many as five future locations on the Hubway Station Locator page.
  • Trees: Adopt-a-Tree. To help a young street tree get established, go to A limited number of tree care kits are available for the first adopter. Contact Pam Sinotte (, GreeningRozzie, for more information.