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Donate Recyclables

Want to recycle in a way that helps your community be more creative and sustainable?

Your library needs a variety of tin, paper, plastic and electronics recyclables for “Roslindale Try It” maker programming.

Help out by dropping off a small bag or box of items from the list below to the library front desk.

Items needed for the Try It events:


Small tins like the ones mints come in


Clean cardboard, especially small and medium-size boxes

Cardboard tubes

Colored paper/cardstock

Colorful magazines

Egg cartons

Plastic and Styrofoam:

Plastic berry baskets

Soda bottles and soda bottle tops

Clean plastic containers including takeout and yogurt containers, especially pint size

Small pieces of Styrofoam and shaped packaging materials   

Styrofoam trays

Egg cartons


Any old electronic devices such as phones, tablets, gaming consoles, printers, weather stations, etc.

Small objects:

Small objects that you might be tempted to throw away when you’re decluttering, including buttons, magnets, ribbon, orphan legos, marbles, shells, beads, small figures, orphan earrings, corks, pipe cleaners – or anything else that’s decorative and gluable