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Check out sustainable activities people in Roslindale are up to:

A group of Roslindale residents started a community garden

Visit the Friends of Healy Field Patronicity page to learn more.

Community garden flyer

Wood turner Beth Ireland is teaching people to make things for themselves

Follow Beth on her Turning Around America tour.

"I want to empower people through the act of making objects with their own hands. I will achieve this by teaching woodturning and simple woodworking to as many people as I can, while traveling across the United States in a van that contains a mini workshop and personal living space."

Beth teaching a
pack of Cub Scouts to do woodturning at
El Camino College in Los Angeles.

Roslindale gardner Aviva Furman is aiming to harvest at least 100 pounds of food this year from her porch container garden and community garden plot.

Follow her progress on the 100 Pound Challenge blog


The Story of Stuff

This film by Annie Leonard is a great place to start. The Story of Stuff is "a 20-minute web-film that explores the often hidden environmental and social consequences of America's love affair with its stuff." The Story of Stuff site also has films on water, plastic, electronics, cap & trade, cosmetics, and political and economic justice.


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FERC Comment Form (pdf)

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