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Do you want to reduce plastic packaging when you shop for food?

By Anna Jacobs

GreeningRozzie is working to help businesses reduce waste through the Bring Your Own Containers (BYO Containers) initiative. We’re inviting our local Roslindale businesses to allow, and even encourage, customers to bring their own containers. We want to make it possible – and easy – to reduce packaging waste when
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Our mission is to make Roslindale a greener, more sustainable and more cohesive community.

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Darkness in Distress

Light pollution wastes energy, harms ecosystems, and robs us of the night sky’s beauty. Join us for a talk by Kelly Beatty, Senior Editor of Sky & Telescope magazine. We’ll learn about the problems caused by light pollution – and what people are doing about it. The event is free but registration is requested. Hosted by the Arnold Arboretum and co-sponsored by GreeningRozzie, Boston City Councilor Michelle Wu, and The Boston Food Forest Coalition.

When: Tuesday, July 16, 7:00 pm

Where: Weld Hill Research Building, Arnold Arboretum, 1300 Centre St., Roslindale

More Info: contact info and registration

Roslindale Farmers Market Table
When: Saturday, July 27, 9 to 1:30 pm
Where: Adams Park, Roslindale
More Info:

Join The Memory Tree Project and care for a street tree in memory of a loved one. You’ll be honoring a loved one, helping to reduce Roslindale’s carbon footprint, and beautifying the neighborhood! Sign up here if you'd like to be part of this project.

Make your home more energy-efficient through this free Boston program: Renew Boston Home Energy Upgrades
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