Keep informed, get involved...

  • Let us know your interests and sign up for our announcement list

  • Let us know if you'd like to help with an existing project

  • Tell your friends and neighbors about GreeningRozzie

  • Propose a project (whether or not you can lead it)

Help needed...

  • We need people to help create informative web pages for this site. Our summer intern Meredith has led the way with some great pages on green cleaning. Have experience in the area? Great. Always wanted to put together an informative webpage but don't know how? It doesn't matter, we'll teach you. Interested? Let us know here. Questions? Contact Kim at

  • We're working on a way to monitor the watering of the newly planted street trees in Roslindale to better insure their long-term survival. Let us know here if you can keep track of a tree and submit updates online. This is a joint project between Roslindale Green & Clean and GreeningRozzie. Questions? Contact Pam at

  • Would you like to see more community gardens in Roslindale? Let us know here. Questions? Send us a message at

  • We're working on making our houses and apartments more energy-efficient. Interested in helping or in making a place you live more energy-efficient? Let us know here. Questions? Contact Eric at

  • San Francisco started a composting program with restaurants and now collects from homes. Toronto collects from over half a million homes. This can divert anywhere form 12 - 19% of the garbage stream. Interested in see this type of program piloted in Roslindale? Interested in helping? Let us know here. Questions? Contact Kim at

New projects...

  • What do you want to see GreeningRozzie doing? What would you like to participate in? Got a burning idea? Propose a project.

Project Areas

  1. Trees and Green Spaces – increase diversity and environmental quality in our green spaces; increase street trees, green roofs, eco-lawns, orchards, and parks

  2. Local Food and Gardens – increase home and community gardens and composting; strengthen local farms and markets; promote local food preservation

  3. Healthy Homes – increase use of green products; reduce environmental hazards and use of toxic products; improve indoor air quality

  4. Energy Efficiency – increase energy efficiency and alternative energy sources in homes, businesses, organizations and government offices; reduce our 1990 carbon emissions levels by 25% by 2010

  5. - Read Michael Blasnik's presentation on home energy efficiency

  6. Efficient Transportation – increase walking, biking, ride-sharing, and public transit; reduce car use; promote more accessible and efficient transportation systems

  7. Waste Reduction – increase composting, recycling and reuse; reduce packaging, trash, litter, and consumption; promote barter and exchange programs

  8. Water Conservation – increase water re-use and recycling, including rain barrels; promote water run-off management

  9. Information and Advocacy – increase environmental awareness and involvement of residents, schools, businesses, organizations and neighborhood associations; measure energy use, recycling and other relevant sustainable and unsustainable activities