Ways To Be Green

Ways To Be Green

Take these actions to help make Roslindale a greener, more sustainable and more cohesive community.

  • Solar: Want to put solar panels on your roof? Make your own clean, renewable electricity, and help make Roslindale a greener community! Can't put panels on your roof? Go with community solar! For both options see Go Solar.

  • Energy efficiency: Make your home more energy-efficient through a free Mass Save home energy assessment.

  • Energy efficiency, do-it-yourself: Take some practical steps to save energy. Use Michael Blasnik's talk: “Home Energy Savings Myths and Facts” as your guide. Slide 15 is a particularly useful list of things you can do to save energy including estimated dollar savings per year.

  • Healthy Homes: Take charge of the chemicals in your home -- learn what's in your cleaning products, which brands are the most environmentally friendly, and how to make your own cleaning products.

  • Information and Advocacy – increase environmental awareness and involvement of residents, schools, businesses, organizations and neighborhood associations; measure energy use. Educate yourself by perusing the GreeningRozzie bookshelves at local bookstore Rozzie Bound: Climate Change/Climate Justice, Green Living, Naturalist, and Young Naturalist.

  • Local Food and Gardens – increase home and community gardens and composting; strengthen local farms and markets; promote local food preservation. Join the Dorchester Food Co-op and help Boston Food Forest Coalition make edible parks.

  • Transportation – increase walking, biking, ride-sharing, and public transit; reduce car use; promote more accessible and efficient transportation systems. Join Rozzie Bikes and Walk-up Rozzie.

  • Trees and Green Spaces – increase diversity and environmental quality in our green spaces; increase street trees, green roofs, eco-lawns, orchards, and parks. Help Speak for the Trees green our streets

  • Waste Reduction – increase composting, recycling and reuse. Bring your own container to Roslindale businesses. Let us know if you'd like to join us in encouraging other businesses to remind folks to bring their own containers by posting the bring your own container sticker.

  • Water Conservation – increase water re-use and recycling, including rain barrels; promote water run-off management

Keep informed, get involved...

  • Let us know your interests and sign up for our announcement list

  • Let us know if you'd like to help with an existing project

  • Tell your friends and neighbors about GreeningRozzie.org

  • What do you want to see GreeningRozzie doing? What would you like to participate in? Got a burning idea? Propose a project.