GreeningRozzie is a volunteer, nonprofit community organization in Roslindale, Massachusetts.

Our mission is to make Roslindale a greener, more sustainable, and more cohesive community by working together to promote and implement grassroots projects and activities.

We work in these areas:

  1. Trees and Green Spaces – increase diversity and environmental quality in our green spaces; increase street trees, green roofs, eco-lawns, orchards, and parks

  2. Local Food and Gardens – increase home and community gardens and composting; strengthen local farms and markets; promote local food preservation

  3. Healthy Homes – increase use of green products; reduce environmental hazards and use of toxic products; improve indoor air quality

  4. Energy Efficiency – increase energy efficiency and alternative energy sources in homes, businesses, organizations and government offices; reduce our 1990 carbon emissions levels by 25% by 2020

  5. Efficient Transportation – increase walking, biking, ride-sharing, and public transit; reduce car use; promote more accessible and efficient transportation systems

  6. Waste Reduction – increase composting, recycling and reuse; reduce packaging, trash, litter, and consumption; promote barter and exchange programs

  7. Water Conservation – increase water re-use and recycling, including rain barrels; promote water run-off management

  8. Information and Advocacy – increase environmental awareness and involvement of residents, schools, businesses, organizations and neighborhood associations; measure energy use, recycling and other relevant sustainable and unsustainable activities


We're a community that cares about the people who live here, the space we live in, the larger city of Boston, and the future we create day by day. Together we can plan our future by improving our living space and the way we live so people can play, work and learn together in an environment that is healthy for individuals, families and the community.

We seek to include everyone who lives, works and cares about Roslindale and to draw on its amazing diversity of talents and backgrounds for ideas, skills, commitment and effort to make it a sustainable, green community. We will seek to build momentum through innovation, partnering with others and welcoming new ideas and new participants.


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Help green Roslindale

  • Tell your friends and neighbors about GreeningRozzie

  • Come to a GreeningRozzie event.

  • Participate in a project

  • Suggest a project.

  • Volunteer. Contact us about what you'd like to do

Photos by Liz Carver

Logo by Eric Lewandowski