Go Solar

We counted 447 Rozzie houses and buildings with solar panels – Let’s do better!

Are you thinking about putting solar on your rooftop?

Or do you rent or have a roof that’s not good for solar, but still want to get your electricity from the sun?

GreeningRozzie has teamed up with EnergySage to help Roslindale residents – homeowners and renters alike – learn about and shop for solar options.

Go to the EnergySage GreeningRozzie Solar Marketplace page, plug in your address and check back for quotes from pre-screened installers, including all the math on tax incentives and State Renewable Energy Credits.

You'll find out if your roof is good for solar and

  • how many solar panels fit on your roof

  • how much you’d earn from generating clean electricity

  • how much you’d save by not buying electricity

  • how much you’d get as a tax credit

Because you are paid to produce clean energy, the investment in solar panels on your roof eventually pays for itself.

Or, if your roof doesn't work because of shade, property orientation, or because you are renting, you can still go solar!

Browse the EnergySage GreeningRozzie Community Solar Marketplace to find nearby community solar installations that you can join to support solar and at the same time save on your electricity bill.

Click below to hear what your neighbors are saying about their experiences with going solar:

Questions? Contact us at info@greeningrozzie.org or via our contact page.