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  The Greening Your Home Walkshop

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Are you curious about

Are you thinking about how you can reduce your carbon footprint?

GreeningRozzie invites you to join us for a short but informative stroll along a residential Roslindale street into Roslindale Village. We call it a Walkshop because as we stroll we'll pause at a couple of houses along the way. At each stop we'll hear from the owners about their climate-friendly technologies and the financial incentives that helped make the renewable energy installations possible. 

Stop #1: public charging stations (city of Boston), municipal public composting

Stop #2: mini-splits; heat pump hot water heater; [household] composting program (city of Boston)

Stop #3: solar panels; EV (electric vehicle); private EV charger; shared renewable energy

Stop #4: Distraction Brewery or Square Root Cafe (if you have time...)

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